Maximize the energy efficiency of your glass display doors with ASHDC-LT Anti-Sweat Heater Door Control System. The exclusive two-channel technology operates door heaters independently from frame and mullion heaters. Customers utilizing ASHDC-LT realize 5-20% savings on their overall energy usage.

ASHDC-LT is easily installed in your existing cases and walk-ins, with no additional wiring necessary. Precise placement of the moisture sensors offers maximum savings while assuring proper heater control.


Built-in to assure that all areas of the display case remain sweat, frost and ice free. The PMC activates the frame and mullion heaters for 15 minutes, then activates the door heaters for 15 minutes, once every three hours. Manufacturers of glass display doors recommend that anti-sweat heaters do not remain off for long periods of time. Sweat, frost and ice can build up in areas such as mullion chambers, electrical raceways, door gaskets, etc., if heaters are not activated and remain on for at least 15 minutes.

In addition, the PMC has been engineered with “random start” technology, assuring that the PMC will cycle at different times on different cases, even if there is a loss of power. The “random start” technology also assures that the ASHDC-LT Anti-Sweat Heater Door Control System will capture significant demand savings on your anti-sweat load.


  • Technical Memo


    • Mid-temperature range (MT) and low-temperature range (LT) controllers available

    • Built-in programmed maintenance cycle (PMC) technology

    • Selective heater activation only when condensations level reach a specific threshold

    • MT controls utilize digital moisture sensors that activate upon threat of moisture

    • LT controls utilize two-channel technology that operates doors independently from the frame and mullion heaters

    • Precise placements of sensors assure proper heat control


    The ASHDC retrofits to the existing walk-in cooler or freezer anti-sweat heaters while also adding sensor technology. Installation takes approximately 45 minutes per controller.


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