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About EDGE

The Expert Adviser

We evaluate the energy-reduction opportunities of buildings and select the best combination of efforts, considering ROI and opportunity cost, to achieve energy-reduction goals and Local Laws compliance.


EDGE Building Intelligence has assembled a constellation of technologically advanced and common-sense HVAC, lighting, and sustainable energy-reduction protocols for real estate that uniquely do not require onerous design and construction efforts, just implementation.  


Implementation efforts may begin a few weeks and months after specification not months and years, and your own facilities staff-members and local contractors can be trained and tasked with delivery – if that is what you prefer.


For HVAC, in particular, our protocols combined will reduce HVAC energy 20-50% across all platforms – from .5-ton PTACs to multi-thousand ton chillers - and deliver a ROI of 2-4 years, not factoring in incentives or local-law penalties.


We can include partners who finance projects and guarantee savings.


For large comprehensive efforts requiring design and construction, our design engineers are world-leading energy-reduction experts. In two recent large projects they identified a maximum potential reduction of 88% and implemented protocols to achieve 58% and 57% energy reduction - before the introduction of sustainable energy such as PV. and . Our lead engineer ran Trane Service in the NE for 20 years and directed York’s engineering group for 6. Unlike other MEPs, energy reduction has always been a primary design consideration, he is the leading expert in steam conversion projects and chiller optimization strategies using the AI-driven ECORE-CI technology ( 

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