EDGE DETECT body temperature/mask screening and touchless check-in solution integrates with existing base-building systems and access controls. EDGE DETECT aims to support compliance with new reopening guidelines.

“Implement mandatory health screening assessment (e.g. questionnaire, temperature check) for employees, contractors, and other visitors, asking about (1) COVID19 symptoms in past 14 days, (2) positive COVID-19 test in past 14 days, and/or (3) close or proximate contact with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case in past 14 days. Responses must be reviewed and documented daily.” EDGE provides system design, delivery, commissioning and after-sale support.


Fast and accurate Body Temperature, Mask Screening and Touchless Check-in using advanced near-infrared sensory and AI-driven facial recognition technology provides reliable temperature assessment in seconds.

  • Policy-driven automatic email & SMS notifications, and desktop push notifications to security desk/secretary computer monitors. 

  • Face mask detection

  • Authentication for automated doors and turnstiles

  • Facial recognition w/adjustable recognition tolerance levels

  • Customize temperature sensitivity levels

  • Exportable data

  • "Whitelist/Blacklist" database for facial authorization and logging

  • Integrates with exiting access control platforms.



  • Self-managing system for office, elevator, hotel room, conference areas, vehicular, lavatories, dining and food preparation, etc.

  • Customizable & Open architecture for simplified, use-case enforcement and integration with building systems, UV lights, people counters, access control, elevator controls, more

  • Modular, kitted and scalable and rapid design and deployment

  • Property management sets policies

  • For retrofit, substantial renovation and new project design.

EDGE Building Intelligence


Master Technology Planning Process (MTP) 

Comprehensive Technology Solutions Consulting 

for Real Estate

Our team has successfully guided more than 100 projects. 

EDGE's MTP ensures simplified data sharing across building systems and with constructions costs reduced by $2 - $5 per square foot. Our process is non-disruptive to existing teams and involves modifying existing building systems specifications to ensure disparate systems may co-exist on the same network and easily share data on a common IP info-structure. 

FREE VALUE-ENGINEERING REVIEW:  Send us a Reflective Ceiling Plan and Lighting Schedule or the Complete Construction Document Set for any project before it goes out to Bid; the earlier the better to minimize design impact -[]. EDGE will review and return a free cost-benefit assessments and meet with your team for in-depth review. 

EDGE's guideline modifications consolidate power and control on a uniform Open-API IP framework, including LED lighting and other endpoints, such as sensors, thermostats, access controls, security, cameras, intercoms and more.


EDGE's design enhancements eliminate many redundant materials, sensors and other end-points for superior efficiency, sustainability and simplified use-case management.  


PoE LIGHTING: The Value Engineering Opportunity to the lower right summarizes the project impact of replacing AC-powered externally controlled LED lights with PoE LED lighting with embedded controls. 


PoE Lighting can reduce whole project construction costs by $2-$5/square foot and extends the IoT platform to every corner of a property for easy inclusion of other base building systems on the same cost-effective network fabric.

Unified Data / API Sandbox


A Secure, Open-API, IP, Building System Architecture minimizes the cost and complexity of data sharing across building systems, and simplifies use-case development, delivery and flexibility. It permits easy data collection from all systems in a data repository called an API Sandbox and implementation of Single Pain of Glass monitoring and management.

Today’s software development relies on APIs and the Sandbox, respectively, to easily create and test new Use-Cases ("Applications" by another name). Complex and disparate data-driven building system environments should benefit from the same professional strategy. Other benefits include uniformity reduces cost and points of failure by eliminating the need for 3rd party gateway devices and middleware and improved adaptability for future technologies.

Solutions for Real Estate

EDGE Building Intelligence™ building system design process streamlines selection and adoption of technologies that lower construction costs, operating expenses, reduce environmental impact, and improve occupant experience. MTP enhances and supports existing plans by establishing guidelines and sequencing to manage implementation and integration of all building systems on an integrated data-normalized network.

CONCEPT: EDGE supports design of an optimal technical architecture in consideration of developer-defined use-cases and business priorities. 

TECHNOLOGY & PROCESS DESIGN: We develop enhanced specifications to ensure that cohesive and properly sequenced technology implementation plans and adoption procedures are addressed in the 100%-complete construction documents.

BID PROCESS: EDGE provides content and support to ensure the integrity and efficacy of the bid process. 

CONSTRUCTION: EDGE participates in communications between technology experts, construction teams, commissioning agents, ownership and property management to ensure cohesion among the construction schedules and technology implementation efforts.

COMMISSIONING: We ensure commissioning and documentation is complete and work with solutions providers to ensure functionality and optimal performance.

OPERATIONS: We support Property Management that apply the technology to ensure proper monitoring, maintenance, reporting, enforcement, and ongoing optimization of the real estate asset.

Unified Operations


By implementing a unified building network platform  that integrates Single Pane of Glass (SPoG) monitoring and management with analytics, we can create occupant-responsive premises. All applications, such as lighting audio/video, security cameras, access systems and holistic building automation systems seamlessly interact for optimally responsive, efficient, sustainable and holistic premises. 


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