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More than 100 projects have successfully relied on EDGE Building Intelligence’s technology planning process for the efficient adoption of next generation building systems without disrupting existing teams. EDGE empowers owners to drive development to best match their vision,  lower construction costs and create more occupant-responsive and valuable properties. 


EDGE’s unique approach drives down construction and ongoing operating costs; creates superior building efficiencies, operating effectiveness and higher revenues. We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate how we leverage proven technologies to replaces obsolete, disparate traditional base building solutions with a data-normalized Service Delivery Platform. 


EDGE reviews and enhances design and procurement specifications, resolves challenging implementation issues, and establishes implementation and sequencing guidelines in the early phases of development. 


We have advised on large-scale projects that include PoE LED lighting to replace AC-powered LED lights. PoE LED platforms are innately smart, network-connected and controlled. This reduced construction cost by $2-5/sft vs. traditional lighting and eliminated the need for cost-plus bolted-on lighting controls. More importantly, it extends the network to every corner of a property for easy inclusion of other base building systems on the same switched network fabric. This further reduces cost, increases operating and energy efficiency and creates more occupant-responsive and valuable properties.

Above -  Remodeled Microsoft Building 121 - Redmond, WA 98052 - equipped with sensors that advise company employees which meeting rooms are occupied and which are vacant.



EDGE Building Intelligence™ optimizes the design of unified building system networks to facilitate adoption of technologies, to lower construction costs and operating expenses, reduce environmental impact, and to improve operating efficiencies and occupant experience. Our proven Master Technology Planning Method enhances and supports existing plans by enabling integration of all building systems on one unified data-normalized network. 

CONCEPT: EDGE supports design of an optimal technical architecture in consideration of use-cases and business outcomes.

TECHNOLOGY & PROCESS DESIGN: We ensure that technology adoption is addressed in the traditional design specification documents, ensuring a cohesive and properly sequenced implementation plan. 

BID PROCESS: EDGE will provide content and support to ensure the integrity and efficacy of the bid process. We will highlight enhancements in the technology focused areas of the construction documents. 

CONSTRUCTION:  EDGE participates in communications between technology experts, construction teams, commissioning agents, ownership and property management to ensure the proper sequencing exists between the construction schedule and technology build efforts. 

COMMISSIONING: We ensure commissioning is complete and that documentation is ready to support traditional efforts. We work with solutions providers to  ensure functionality and optimal performance.

OPERATIONS: We support Property Management Staff to apply the technology to continually improve operations. We will provide training on the IoT Systems ensuring proper monitoring, maintenance, reporting, enforcement, and ongoing optimization of the real estate asset.

Georgia Pacific Headquarters - Atlanta, GA

Unified Operations


By implementing a unified building network platform  (e.g., lighting, security and HVAC), that integrates Single Pane of Glass (SPoG) monitoring and management with Artificial Intelligence and Analytics, we create dynamically occupant-responsive premises; this becomes the new normal. All applications, such as lighting audio/video, security cameras, access systems and holistic building automation systems seamlessly interact for optimally responsive, efficient, sustainable and holistic premises. 

Optimal Architecture


Our process of defining an optimal architecture provides an opportunity to increase functionality while lowering initial costs in new construction. EDGE improve functionality and overall user experience for both new and existing buildings. We use our industry-leading knowledge and experience to identify proven technologies that can substantially improve change how you implement lighting and IT infrastructure build that reduces cost, materials and dramatically improves manageability. We enhance the traditional specifications & drawings with the content necessary to ensure that systems procurement meets open architecture and other requirements of a green, next-generation, sustainable property. Our optimal technical architecture designs eliminate inefficiencies in the adoption of technology in standard construction projects.



With an enhanced set of construction documents for a new build or improving an existing building, there are challenges from procurement through to commissioning for the traditional construction industry. Our life-cycle services “bridge the gap” between traditional construction engineers, agents, consultants, contractors, sub-contractors, and enterprise technology providers during each phase of a project. We provide skill sets and expertise throughout the entire construction process, from coordination and reviews during the tendering process, to functionality testing and training during operations. Our involvement is non-disruptive and supportive of existing teams and promotes labor harmony.

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